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Booking a holiday

Each Bikexplore holiday really is a unique experience. Whereas other companies run the same packages several times the same season (but only run the dates that fill), most Bikexplore holidays happen once only, on a specific date, and if repeated will usually be a bit different and not until the following year – or even later.

This comes about because each holiday is run by an individual leader, in their own free time and not for profit, but for enjoyment. And the kind of person who is enjoys planning holidays so much they’ll do it for fun, is not usually a person who goes back to the same place time after time! The upside is our remarkably varied programme of holidays – at Bikexplore there’s always something new.

Apply for a place

For most Bikexplore leaders, your holiday is their holiday too and if you can’t enjoy it, neither will they! Our leaders want to be sure you won’t struggle, so our application form asks about your recent cycling experience. You may also be contacted by the leader, seeking more information. Ability to go the distance is especially important on self-supported tours, where there’s no option of remaining in the resort or riding in a support van. Even on supported tours, there may be only one passenger seat.

Another reason you can’t simply book in one go is that our leaders often use smaller hotels and guesthouses, which can’t simply change double rooms into twins and don’t have many singles. So before your application can be accepted, the leader needs to check that their holiday is suitable for you, that the cycling is not more demanding than your other recent rides and that the particular accommodation you want is available.

Applications can be made by email or by post using a form supplied by the leader of the holiday.

Please don’t transfer the deposit until you’ve received a confirmation invoice. It’s okay to send a cheque in the same envelope as a postal application, but if your application is unsuccessful any cheque sent will be destroyed and not returned.

Pay the deposit

We will try hard to confirm that a place is available for by return.  However on occasion we will be on holiday or doing other things as this is our hobby not our jobs. Once a place has been allocated, you will receive a confirmation invoice and should then pay the deposit. When the payment has cleared, your booking is made.

We are members of TTA (Travel Trade Associatin) This means that when you make any payment it will be made straight into a dedicated trust account directly from your account. The details of this account will be given to you by the leaders to whom you are booking with.

Please don’t make any travel arrangements until…

Holiday go-ahead

Once the holiday has enough participants break even and accommodation is confirmed, the Leader will tell you the holiday is going ahead. Now you can really look forward to the holiday and make all your other preparations, such as arranging travel to the starting point.

Especially under current conditions, all such arrangements had best be flexible.

Further Payment(s)

A further payment will be required sooner than ten weeks before the holiday starts. Some holidays also call for an interim payment.As with the deposit these payments will be straight to a TTA Trust account

Enjoy the holiday!

Waiting lists

A number of our tours may be advertised as ‘Planned’, for a month or more before they’re ready to book. If you’re interested, please contact the leader.

Some of our leaders have a large following of regular participants who inspire them to plan new holidays. And each leader has their own way of handling expressions of interest in their plans. So it's always worth asking leaders where they might be going next.


If you find that you cannot go on the holiday after all, you should inform the Leader immediately and in writing. 

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