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Grades of Holiday

The grade of a holiday indicates how fit and strong you need to be to enjoy it, to complete each day with time for unhurried refreshment stops, a little sightseeing, to take photos… and arrive in time to relax before dinner. Regardless of grade, our tours are meant to be a holiday, not a trial of endurance! The occasional day may be longer, but an average day should include some spare time, providing you choose an appropriate grade.

Grade of holiday


Calories burnt



Min–Max average for 70kg rider

1 – Very Leisurely

25–55 W

380–850 kcal

35km (22mi)

Tours at this level never require you to carry more on the bike than you would for a day-ride.

2 – Leisurely

35–70 W

550–1100 kcal

49km (30mi)

Our first two grades are good for new and occasional cyclists, as well as those with more experience who know their limits or simply don’t want to work too hard on holiday!

3 – Leisurely Moderate

55–90 W

900–1450 kcal

63km (39mi)

Not too demanding for most regular cyclists, even if you haven’t toured before.

4 – Moderate

80–115 W

1300–1850 kcal

73km (46mi)

Experience of riding all-day, every day is advisable at this level.

5 – Moderately Energetic

100–140 W

1590–2250 kcal

82km (51mi)

In addition to touring experience, you should be happy to ride up steep (10%) hills.

6 – Energetic

120–170 W

1950–1700 kcal

93km (58mi)

To enjoy tours at this level you should to be able to tackle anything on tarmac roads, albeit slowly.

7 – Very Energetic

150–200 W

2400–3250 kcal

103km (64mi)

You are also capable of a fair turn of speed and frequently ride long distances.

8 – Athletic

180–250 W

2850–3900 kcal

114km (71mi)

If other experienced cyclists describe you as a strong rider, you should enjoy these holidays.

9 – Very Athletic

210–300 W

3450–4700 kcal

125km (77mi)

At this level you probably race a bit, or ride Audax/sportives, or simply tour a lot!

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